Order of Francis I

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KINGDOM Of NAPLES AND Of THE TWO SICILIES. A Knight`s cross in GOLD, 60x41 mm, with white enameled arms, flanked by beautifully chiseled and engraved fleurs de lys, obverse centre medallion with royal monogram within green enameled oak wreath, night-blue enameled outer circlet (tiny chip) with motto "DE REGE OPTIME MERITO" in golden lettering, reverse medallion with night-blue enameled inscription "FRANCISCVS I INSTITVITMDCCCXXIX" on polished gold ground, within thick, green enameled oak wreath enriched by orange brown enameled acorns, typical, upper crown, solidly mounted to the cross by means of tiny rivets ,smooth, suspension ring and original ribbon. A beautiful piece of typical, excellent, Neapolitan manufacture, extremely fine condition. I- R!
Price: 3,250€