The St. Anna Order (Münchener stift)

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Badge of the Order, 32x29 mm, four-armed, “anchor” cross with white enameled elds, enriched by golden inscriprions ”SUB/TUUM/PRAESI/DIUM”, the borders, flanked by golden circlets, white enameled centre medallion, with beautifully made, chiseled image of the Holy Virgin; the reverse, white enameled arms bearing inscription “PATRO/NUS/NO/STER”, with blue enameled border; white enameled centre medallion with chiseled image of Bishop St. Bennus, within blue enameled outer circlet; gold upper loop and smooth, round ring; with original, superb sash ribbon with silver embroidered borders and sillver bullion tassels and damaged case of issue by “Iul. Elchinger, Munchen”.A splendid, very rare decoration of this Bavarian order, awarded to most prominent ladies of the highest nobility; excellent condition.I/II RR!

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