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Important grouping of Orders and Medals awarded to General of Infantry EUGEN RITTER VON SCHOBERT (1883-1941), killed in action on the Eastern Front while commanding the 11th Army during Operation Barbarossa. Iron Cross, 1914, 1st Class, 42 mm., Silver; Iron Cross, 1914, 2nd Class, 43 mm., Silver, 1939 Spange with prongs on original ribbon; 1939 Spange, 45x31 mm., Silver; World War I Wound Badge in Black, 44x38 mm., gilt Metal; German Equestrian Badge, 54x43 mm., Silver; Anschluss Medal, 31 mm., silvered; Sudetenland Medal, 31 mm., Bronze; Wehrmacht 12 Year Service Award, 35 mm., gilt Bronze; Wehrmacht 25 Year Service Award, 40 mm., gilt Bronze; Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918, maker's mark 'G&S', 38 mm., Bronze; Bavaria - Military Order of Max Joseph, 48x30 mm., Gold and Silver, a probable replacement order; Bavaria - Military Merit Order, 4th Class with Swords, 60x40 mm. (some damage); Bavaria - Golden Wedding Commemorative Medal, 1918, 38 mm.; Bavaria - Jubilee Medal for the Army, 43x30 mm., Bronze; House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords, 59x40 mm., Silver; Italy, Order of the Crown Grand Cross Set, Sash Badge, 50 mm., GOLD, original sash; Breast Star, 88 mm., Silver, maker's mark "Gardino, Roma"; Chile, Order of Merit, Commander's Cross, 65x61 mm.,some enamel damage. Together with various documents; a 11 x 5 mm., a Brass plaque, 110x50 mm., engraved 'V. Schobert', from his desk; a copy of 'Der Kampf' army newspaper describing and mourning his death; a complete copy of his Wehrpass; a section of ribbon reading: '2/83 Kassel 2/83'. All of the medals cased in a luxury medal box made by Godet, Berlin, dimensions 317 x 215 x 88 mm. The box is covered in pebbeled black leather and lined in white satin. Following von Schobert's death, his family affixed within a silver plaque engraved: 'Eugen Ritter von Schobert 12. September 1941 gefallen als Generaloberst und Oberfehlshaber der 11. Armee'. Eugen Ritter von Schobert (1883 – 12 September 1941) led a battalion of Bavarian infantry during World War I. On 23 March 1918, he personally led his battalion in the crossing of a canal near Jussy against stiff British resistance, and was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Max Joseph. After World War I, Schobert remained in the Reichswehr, steadily rising up the ranks. He commanded the 17th Infantry Division from 1935 to 1936 and the 33rd Infantry Division from 1936 to 1938. He took command of the VII Army Corps on 4 February 1938 and in September 1939 led it in the invasion of Poland. He also participated in the invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg and the Battle of France, and received this Knight's Cross award for his breakthrough of the Maginot Line and the capture of Nancy and Toul. In September 1940, Schobert was given command of the Eleventh Army, assigned to Army Group South for the invasion of the Soviet Union. During combat operations in the southern Soviet Union, Schobert was killed when his observation aircraft crashed in a Soviet minefield. He was succeeded by Erich von Manstein. An extremely important group, of a leader of the German Army, extremely rare and complete! I RR!

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