The Royal Hungarian high Chivalric Order of St. Stephen, the Apostolic King

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Grand Cross Breast Star, 81 mm, with excellently chiseled and pierced silver rays, red enameled centre medallion bearing silver Patriarch’s Cross rising from green enameled mounts, superimposed by a crown, this, sided by the golden letters « M T » for the founder, Empress Maria Theresia, the whole within outer circlet enriched with a pattern of golden, green enameled oak leaves. The reverse fitted with vertical pin, this, struck with the maker’s mark of Biennais, Paris.
An exceptional star of the typical, finest quality of this celebrated jeweler, that can be dated to the years immedialtely after the Vienna Congress, excellent condition.
Provenance: Marshal Louis-Nicolas d’Avout (May 10th, 1770 – June 1st, 1823), better known as Davout, 1st Duke of Auerstaedt, 1st Prince of Eckmühl; one of Napoleon’s ablest military leaders, was faithful to the Emperor also when he was forced to the Elba’s exile, showing great hotility to the Bourbones, on the return of Napoleon from the Elba and during the « 100 jours » he enthusiastically rejoined his sovereign and was appointed Minister of war. Surprisingly, he wasn’t ordered to join the army for the campaign in Belgium, where he could have been highly effective for his ability in the field, but was assigned to commmand the defense of the Capital. After the defeat of Waterloo, he forced the Emperor to leave the city and move to the Malmaison, surrendering to the forces supporting the King of France. He was then removed from his ranks and honours, being then rehabilited in 1817.
He was created Grand Cross of the Order of St. Stephen in 1810, the present star, made by Biennais, could have been ordered by Davout when his group of orders was restored and refurbished.

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