Royal Family’s Honour gift of Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria

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BULGARIA - Royal Souvenirs with Provenance of H.M. Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria

Breast Badge, as an ornated cyrillic “F”, 22x12 mm, Gold, completely resting on intricate rocailles, with a pattern of foliage, branches and leaves, on top, the Bulgarian Princely crown with vertical, golden pin, in original case of issue.
A rare, early badge, as awarded by Ferdinand, before ascending to the title of Tsar; excellent condition.
Note: Ferdinand I (26 February 1861 – 10 September 1948), born Ferdinand Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria of Saxe­-Coburg and Gotha, was the second monarch of the Third Bulgarian State, fi rstly as ruling prince (knyaz) from 1887 to 1908, and later as King (tsar) from 1908 until his abdication in 1918.
Very rare and superb! I RR!

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