Royal Family’s Honour Gift of Marie-Louise, Princess-Consort of Bulgaria

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BULGARIA - Royal Souvenirs with Provenance of H.M. Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria

Gold Pin, intertwined cyrillic letters “M” and “L”, 26x21 mm, respectively white and green enameled, surmounted by the Bulgarian crown with red enameled inner cap, the reverse, fitted with vertical, gold pin.
A very rare badge, excellent condition. I RR!
Note: Princess Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Parma (Marie Louise Pia Theresa Anna Ferdinanda Francisca Antonia Margaret Josepha Carolina Blanche Lucia Apollonia; 17 January 1870 – 31 January 1899) was the eldest daughter of Robert I, the last reigning Duke of Parma. She became Princess-consort of Bulgaria upon her marriage to Ferdinand of Bulgaria, the then prince-regnant (who became Tsar after her death). She was the mother of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria

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