Patriarch’s Pendant as a King’s Grace

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Oval and finely decorated  with filigrée, 137x67 mm, GOLD, 79.35 g., stylized flowers on a pebbled ground and set with four shy-blue stones and a drop-cut similar stone as an appendant, oval centre made with a slightly convex mother-of-pearl carved with the scene of St. John baptising Jesus Christ, on top a hinged, stylized Patriarch’s crown, set with sky-blue stones and three pearls, the reverse with oval, convex countermedallion  engraved with profile busts of the King and Queen of Greece and the Greek engraved inscription meaning, “FROM KING KONSTANTINE AND QUEEN ANNE MARIA TO HIS MAGNIFICENCE THE ARCHBISHOP OF ATHENS AND ALL GREECE CHRYSOSTOMON – ATHENS 18.9.64”, the crown’s reverse, fitted with suspension loop, in the original, blue velvet covered, case of issue with fitted inner compartment. A beautiful, unique and important piece, belonged to one of the most important religious authorities of Greece, excellent condition. I RR!

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