Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus

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Grand Cross Set of the type awarded between 1855 and 1859. Sash Badge, 60x85 mm, GOLD with white enameled St. Maurice Cross, flanked by the green enameled arms of the Cross of St. Lazarus, large, hinged upper crown of highly convex shape and enameled “jewels” the Orb’s cross of St. Maurice type, large, suspension ring and complete with its original, dark green, short sash bow. Breast Star, 80 mm, with finely chiseled and pierced rays, the centre in Gold, depicting the cross of the Order in Gold and enamel, with finely outlined, polished border, concave reverse, fitted with vertical pin. A very rare, complete and homogeneous set, as awarded from the Crimean War up to the 2nd war for Independence. I RR! Provenance: the estate of General Giovanni Durando (1804-1869). After an adventurous military career, where he also fought in Portugal during the Carlist wars, re-entered in servis within the Sardinian Army, he was commanded by King Charles Albert of Savoy, to guide the Roman and Venetian volunteers at the defense of Vicenza, 1848, where after a fierce defense he decided to surrender, obtaining the honour-of-the-arms and to retire without being taken prisoners and reunited to the main army, he commanded a division at the battle of Novara, later, in the early 50s, Durando was nominated military commander of the Island of Sardinia, by personal order of King Victor Emanuel II, after severe popular turmoils began, succeeding in the pacification, often at a high cost of lives. Commanded in 1855 to command a division of the Sardinian expeditionary corps in Crimea, he distinguished himself at the battle of the Chernaya, on April 3rd, 1859, he was decorated with the hereby offered Grand Cross as a special sign of honour for his military qualities, soon receiving the command of a division, where he particularly distinguished himself at the battle of St. Martino, 24th June, 1859. He took part to the battle of Custoza, 1866, being wounded in combat. He was nominated senator and, a few days before his death, he received the Order of the Holy Annonciade.

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