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Grand Cross Set of the 1st Type. Sash Badge, 103x72 mm, GOLD with white enameled cross and green enameled, narrow, oak and laurel wreath, centre medallion in polished gold with head of King Otto facing right, pale-blue enameled outer circlet with the Greek inscription "OTHON KING OF THE HELLENES" in gold lettering, pale-blue enameled reverse medallion with white cross centered by the blue-white colours of Bavaria and golden inscription around, small upper loop and Royal crown suspension with internal loop to secure the cross, large suspension ring and original sash ribbon. Breast Star, 78 mm, with chiseled and pierced rays, gold centre with inner medallion of polished gold and applied, enameled cross as the badge`s reverse, pale-blue enameled outer circlet with chiseled inscription, chiseled, gold borders, the reverse with broad pin (French marks). Founded in its first form in 1829, the last year of Greece`s war of Independence, and with decree by the State`s Council in the name of King Otto in 1833, it was destined to reward any outstanding merit towards the Country, its first pieces were made in Bavaria (Germany), then from all the best jewellers in Europe. It ranks among the world`s most beautiful orders. I RR!

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