The Order of the Paulownia Flower (桐花章, Toka sho­)

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A complete set of Grand Cordon (桐花大綬章, Toka daijusho). Sash Badge, 114x77 mm., gilt Silver, as a “cross of white enameled rays, flanked by purple enameled flowers, the centre as a red enameled star centered by a red enamel-cabochon, symbolizing the rising sun, as symbol of Japan; on to, a hinged, green leaf, surmounted by three groups of Paulownia flowers, sphaerical loop and round suspension ring, the reverse, same as the obverse, but the upper leaf, bearing a golden inscription, with original, sash ribbon. Breast Star, 88 mm., gilt Silver, enameled, similar to the Order’s badge, but convex and except the upper suspension, polished reverse with Japanese inscription and fitted with vertical ring and two side-hooks, the whole in the original, black lacquer case with fitted inner compartment and lapel rosette, the lid, with vertical inscription and golden Paulownia leaf, the whole, in the original, light wood protective outer case, this, with an embossed image of a Japanese Samurai.
A fantastic, most rare set of this one-class order, second in importance, after the Order of the Chrisantemum, dating to the early 20th Century, awarded for outstanding, signaled merits towards the Emperor and the State, excellent condition.I RR!

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