Miniature Chain belonged to a Member of the “Pour le Mérite for Arts and Sciences”

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Bar of 4 Miniatures. From left to right: Belgium: Order of Leopold, gold and enamels; Prussia: “Pour le Mérite” for arts and sciences; gold and enamel on both sides (!); Denmark: Order of Dannebrog, with monogram of King Frederick VII; gold and enamels; France, 2nd Empire: Legion of Honour, gold and enamels; The whole, mounted to an elaborately made, quadruple chatelaine with side-chainlets and golden “T” barrette for fastening to the lapel’s buttonhole. A very rare and beautiful combination, this chain belonged to the same personality of the previously offered decoration. Extremely fine condition. The important Miniature Chain belonged to Professor Jean Baptiste André Dumas Member of the Order “Pour le Mérite for Arts and Sciences”. I RR!

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