The Imperial Austrian Order of the Iron Crown

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2nd Class (Commander’s) Badge of the 1830-1850 Type, 60x31 mm, chiselled golden double eagle, its claws holding the sword/sceptre and the Orb, the breast and the back superimposed with deep-blue enameled, golden shields with the Imperial cipher “F” to the obverse and the date “1815” to the reverse, resting on the golden, “Lombardy” crown with white enameled “pearls”, red and green enameled “gems”, hollow-made upper crown and round link-ring, oval ribbon ring with white enameled “pearls”, original, neck ribbon with ties, in the original, gold embossed, red morocco case of issue with ivory-white fitted compartment and silk, padded cushion.
An extremely rare piece, the rarity of such decorations is due to the fact that they had to be returned to the Orders’ Chapter at the recipient’s death, extremely fine condition. I RR!
Note: the case contains an old paper of the Danish recipient with the pencil inscription: “Morfors osterrikiska Orden – 1846.”

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