The Imperial Austrian Order of the Iron Crown

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1st Type Second Class Badge of the Order, 60x33 mm, in GOLD, thin, chiseled Austrian double eagle resting on the Lombardic Crown with enameled details, the obverse breast bearing blue enameled shield with the emperor’s monogram “F.”, the reverse shield, also blue enameled, bearing the year of institution “1815”
also in gold, round suspension ring and grooved ribbon-ring, with original complete neck ribbon.
A beautiful, extremely rare insignia of the type awarded from 1816, excellent condition.
Note: the rarity of these pieces is because of the restitution of the badges after the death of the recipient, more, due to the introduction of the new model, in the early 30s of 19th Century, almost all the badges of the first type have been destroyed in the re-use of precious metal. I RR!

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