Gold Commemorative Medal for the 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire

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Breast Badge, 37 mm, GOLD, 45.09 g., the obverse with head of Mohammed Reza Pahlevi Shah facing left, within border of stylized lotus flowers, the reverse with depiction of the Cyrus “cylinder” seal and inscription in Arabic calligraphy above with the same text in French below, related to the celebration of the Persian Empire, the whole, also within a border decorated with lotus flowers, similarly to the obverse; sphaerical loop and round suspension ring, with original, silk ribbon with applied, gilt Imperial crown. This medal, instituted in 1971 was distributed to the members of the Court, of the Army, to the Civil servants and Foreing Authorities invited to the ceremonies, the pieces struck in gold, now extremely rare were reserved to foreign sovereigns, Princes and heads of state, excellent condition. I RR!

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