The Catholic Order of St. Cyril and Methodius

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Commander’s Badge, 49.5 x 44 mm., gilt Silver, white enameled, red-­and-­green-­bordered cross with golden rays between the arms, white enameled centre medallion with applied image of the two saints, red and green enameled outer circlet, reverse medallion with the inscription “P. B. EB” in gold lettering on white enamel, red and green enameled outer circlet, “baroque” upper loop, struck with the “Diana’s head” and “A” marks, plus an unreadable, rectangular one and grooved ribbon ring, also struck with an unreadable, rectangular mark, original, long neck ribbon with ties.
A beautiful piece of a rarely awarded class of this order, quality and manufacture allow us to attribute its fabrication to the famous Viennese jewellers V. Maier’s Sohne. I­- R!

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2500.00 EUR
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