The Order of Orthodox Crusaders of the Patriarchy of Jerusalem

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Complete Grand Cross Set:- large Order`s Badge, 117x98 mm, in gilt Silver with black 2 enameled double eagles (symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church) and two crowns with red enameled inner cap (representing the Eternal Kingdom of Faith) on each side, obverse centre medallion with finest, polychrome, miniature painting with the image of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, blue enameled outer circlet with gilt Greek inscription "IN THIS SIGN YOU WILL WIN " and "JERUSALEM MOTHER OFTHE CHURCHES", reverse medallion with the coat-of-arms of the Orthodox Patriarchy of Jerusalem painted in the finest "en-grisaille" miniature enamel, blue enameled outer circlet with gilt, inscription "JÉRUSALEM MÈRE DES ÉGLISES" and "EN ETEI 312", trefoil-shaped upper loop with inner cross. Crowned, Sash Badge, 135x57 mm, in "frosted" gilt Silver with black enameled cross and green enameled "palms" between the arms, gold centre medallion with enameled image of Christ "Pantokrator", blue enameled outer circlet, with Greek motto "IN THIS SIGN YOU WILL WIN " and "JERUSALEM MOTHER OF THE CHURCHES", reverse with black enameled, greek motto"IN THIS SIGN YOU WILL WIN " and "EN ETEI 312" on the arms, gold centre medallion with miniature-enameled scene of the Holy Birth of Jesus Christ, blue enameled outer circlet with motto "JÉRUSALEM MÈRE DES ÉGLIS ES", the cross can be opened and the inside contains a drop of bee-wax sealing a fragment of the Holy Cross, original, red sash. Breast Star, 98 mm, with silver rays, the centre, with the order`s badge, with enameled details, the reverse, with maker`s escutcheon of Lemaitre, Paris, broad pin (French marks) and two hooks, In the original, dark brown case of issue with fitted compartment (three lapel rosettes), the !id, with gold-embossed coat-of-arms of the Greek Patriarchy of Jerusalem, the inner cushion, with maker`s signature of Lemaitre, Paris. An extremely rare set, in the best French quality, extremely fine condition. This Order, of which is not known a date of institution, is not connected to the Greek State, but directly awarded by the Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, is kept in the highest consideration and importance, it is awarded to highest personalities, in recognition of outstanding merits in the defenceof Christianity. I RR!

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