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Grand Cross Set, 1st Class. Sash Badge, 57x44 mm, gilt Silver, hallmarked, maker's mark "Resch", both sides enameled, original suspension ring, loop and long complete sash. Breast Star, 55 mm, gilt Silver, superimposed parts enameled, maker`s mark ""Joseph Resch Fils, Bucharest"", reverse with thin pin. The Order of Ferdinand I was instituted on May 10th, 1929, to the everlasting memory of King Ferdinand I, the founder of the nation, for merit in uniting all Romanians in a single state. The order could be awarded only to Romanian citizens, for outstanding merits in the national union. The order was closed by law no. 12 on February 18th, 1937. The decoration of the order displays a special form combining four joined ciphers of King Ferdinand (double F). Extremely rare set awarded only 10 times to Romanian citizens! Best condition with original gilding intact! RR! I
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