Jewish Resistance Bar, WW II.

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"Breast Badges, approx. 34 mm, gilt Bronze and Bronze, original suspension rings and ribbons, on bar. The OJC was established to provide an organized response to the persecutions of the Jews in France. Jews were, in fact, overrepresented in the French Resistance compared to their percentage of the French population. The OJC comprised about nine autonomous Jewish groups that were formed especially to help the Jews in France. The most prominent were the Jewish Scouts (EIF), the Jewish Army (AJ), the Organization of Assistance for Children (OSE), and the Movement of the Zionist Youth (MJS). These were established at the initial stages of the occupation and operated until the liberation of France. The members of the various OJC groups cooperated in a wide range of activities. They rescued thousands of adults and children by providing them with hiding places or forged papers, and organized convoys to Switzerland and Spain. They formed guerrilla organizations in the main cities of France and in the mountains. They maintained a network of secret agents who transferred money from Switzerland to France and supplied it for the various underground activities and needs. Finally, following the Allied invasion in June 1944, they participated with the general French Resistance in fighting to liberate France. After the liberation, the French authorities acknowledged the OJC and awarded its members with Resistance medals and war decorations, such as the four examples in this bar-all with Stars of David on ribbons. The dates on one medal 18 Juin 1940/8 Septembre 1961 are significant. The "Appeal of 18 June" in 1940 was a famous speech by Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the Free French Forces, which is often considered to be the origin of the French Resistance to the German occupation during World War II. On September 8, 1961 there was an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate De Gaulle. Very rare and of the highest historical impoortance! RR! I "
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