Icon of Christ Pantocrator, St Nicolas, Mother of God from Kazan and Mother of God from Vladimir, 19th Century, Tempera on Wood, 35.5x31.5 cm

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These icons depicting small half or shoulder-length images are for private prayer and would be used in a domestic setting. A traditional Russian Orthodox house would have a special shrine or ‘beautiful corner’ (rus. krasnuiy ugol) in the main room and consisting of a shelf or shelves across the angle in the corner on which were family icons: Christ, the Mother of God, Saint Nicholas, name saints of family members and others icons of special significance to that particular family. A person entering would venerate the icons (bowing towards them and crossing themselves) before greeting the people in the room. The image of the Virgin (‘Kazanskaya’) which was discovered on July 8, 1579 by Matrona, a young girl in the city of Kazan. The date corresponds to Ivan the Terrible’s capture of Kazan, the ancient capital of the Tatar Mongols and is one of the popular depictions of Mother of God, the Image of Mother of God from Vladimir is one ofethe oldest in the russian tradition, Christ is shown in half-length, with his eyes gazing at the viewer but also with a sense of deep contemplation. His right hand is raised in a gesture signifying oration (or teaching). In his left hand he holds an open book with an inscription, St Nicholas is shown in half-length, wearing the classical vestments of a bishop. His right hand is raised in an ancient gesture signifying oration (or teaching), while he is holding an open gospel book in his left hand. His eyes gaze directly at the viewer. Fine condtion, cracked in the middle.
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