Schwarzenberg’s Silverware

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A silver bowl with two silver and ebony handles; the cover, engraved with the monogram “cs” (Carl Schwarzenberg, 1859–1913) under princely crown with an acorn-shaped handle; both parts, with imperial Austrian silver and the
silversmith’s marks of Diana’s head and “AT” (dia.: 220 mm; ht. 110,5 mm, 1176 g.) and a large, silver tray, engraved with the arms of the Schwarzenberg family
(a crow on a moor’s head) under princely crown; also this piece, struck with Vienna’s “Diana’s Head” silver mark and an unreadable, silversmith’s one. (700x290 mm, 1733 g.). A superb set of very important provenance and in extremely fine condition! I RR!

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