Order of St. Elizabeth

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A 2nd Class decoration: the cross in silver with red and white enameled arms, 52x49mm, silver roses and branches, with fine engravings on their reverse; obverse centre medallion in white enameled gold, with applied, golden bust of the saint, with white enameled upper cross, silver outer circlet; white enameled reverse medallion with golden roses and applied, ornated, capital monogram “E” in gold, with upper loop struck with “A”, “greyhound’s head” and “F.R” (within a lozenge) marks; suspension ring struck with two “A” marks; original ladies’ bow ribbon (detached from the cross), together with a miniature bow ribbon of the Austrian Red Cross decoration with applied, green enameled “War Decoration”; in the original, red morocco, fitted case of issue with silver embossed, Austrian coat-of-arms and four, cursive “E” on the lid; inner cushion with gold printed maker’s mark of Rothe & Neffe, Vienna.
A rare decoration of this Ladies’ Order, created by Emperor Franz Joseph, in memory of her wife, Empress Elizabeth, assassinated in Geneva in 1898, one week after her death;
Very fine condition, nice, dark patina. I R!

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