The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George

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A Complete Collar of the Order: neck chain in gilt, 123x87 mm, chiselled silver made of 8 white enameled Maltese Crosses; 4 “SM” and 4 “SG” monograms (for “Saint Michael” and “Saint George”); 6 crowned, passant guardant lions and 4 winged lions holding a closed book and six arrow each; all parts, linked by chains with rings of square section; closures made of hinged plates; the the two winged lions of the centre mail, linked by the British Crown; the rear, with the suspension for the collar badge; this, in gilt silver, with white enameled arms, centre medallions with miniaturepainted ground and applied, polychrome enameled, golden bas-relief images of St. Michael and St. George, within blue enameled outer circlets with the Order’s motto “AUSPICIUM MELIORIS ÆVI” in gold lettering; upper royal crown with strong, suspension ring; the whole, in the original, black morocco case (small damage to the closure) with gold embossed “G.C.M.G.” on the lid; the inner cushion with maker’s mark of Garrard & C°, London.
A most beautiful and rare group of the highest quality and very fine condition. This order was instituted on April 28th, 1818 by George, Prince Regent (later, King George IV) and originally awarded for exceptional merits “to those holding commands or high position in the Mediterranean territories acquired in the Napoleonic Wars”, later extended to all those holding similar office in other territories of the British Empire.
The Collar, worn by Knights Grand Cross only, was used during the highest ceremonial occasions only. I R!

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