The Imperial Order of Franz Joseph

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A Grand Cross Set of the first Model, 1st Class, instituted in 1849: sash Badge, 70x36 mm, GOLD,
both sides enameled, hallmarked “3A”, both central medallions GOLD, enameled, original suspension
ring and complete sash with bow. Breast Star, 77 mm, Silver and GOLD, “G” for Grand Cross on
reverse, hallmarked “AA”, center enameled, superimposed parts GOLD, the reverse with a broad
pin, maker’s mark “Vinc. Mayer’s Sohne, Wien”, in case of issue by “V. Mayer’s Sohne, Wien”
with monograms “F.J.O.” on the lid. A Superb and very rare set of the end of the 19th century,
together with awarding document to General Major Agathon Stenersen Nickolin (1826–1910),
dated 3rd of December 1888, in Kobenhaven, some cuts! I RR!

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