SOUVAROV (Alexander Vassilievich) - Remembrance album 1946 text in Russian, large folio consisting of 70 lithographed pages B & W sheets and colors under stamped hard cover of a medallion portrait

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Inner corpus clean and healthy, preserved tints; covers handling with scuffs and soiling. SOUVAROV (Alexander Vassilievich, 1729-1800), Prince of Italy, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, is a generalissimo in the service of the Russian Empire. His fame dates back to 1759, when he participated in the Seven Years' War against Austria, fighting heroically. Subsequently, he distinguished himself in Crimea and in the Caucasus against the Ottomans, in Poland and in the Italian Campaign. The end of his life was pathetic: degraded by the Emperor jealous of his great popularity, Souvarov died in the near misery. Nice documentation tracing the exploits of this great soldier who is in the club very closed captains have never been beaten.II

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