Some War Sketches, 40 Sketches and Watercolors Drawings

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SEM - Quelques croquis de guerre, 40 dessins croquis et aquarelles (Some war sketches, 40 sketches and watercolors drawings) - Devambez Paris 1918 (no date) folio composed of 30 pages in loose sheets 39 x 29 cm. grouping drawings in black and white, sometimes in colors, copy numbered 53 on 250 after the 35 of the leading draw. Clean interior well preserved, shabby, stained and manipulated blankets.
A beautiful testimony from 1915-1917 of the daily life of soldiers in the trenches of the Great War. Heir to the lineage of the "monsters" press cartoonists of the previous century, SIEM (1867-1934, Marie Joseph Georges Goursat says) experienced the front line, which put an end to its Parisian social life.

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